Cemeterian's Page

The business side of cemetery maintenance and the compassionate side of human kindness and love become seamless with Timberlight products.  We understand the requirements of ground maintenance, liability, labor costs, and the need for attractive and serene gardens to attract foot traffic and sales. We understand the sadness and sometimes the anger when visitors arrive at the cemetary to find that their loved ones remembrances have disappeared.  We have tried to address these concerns by creating a vase insert that drops into a vase and will not blow out. Timberlight vase inserts stayed in the vase during Hurricane Irma. 

Many cemeteries will place floral arrangements at a gravesite of a loved one when miles or health issues prevent personal visitation.  We send silk arrangements to cemeteries for placement and the cemetery may or may not charge the customer.  We ask our customer to give us name, section, lot, space and to verify that  their cemetery will accept the arranagements for placement as well as cemetery address.